Vaccine Tabletop Exercise

Focus Area: Risk Prevention & Risk Response

Project Title: Tabletop Exercise: Vaccine Program Preparedness and Implementation

Status: In progress

Overview: Decisions regarding vaccine use during a high-consequence animal disease outbreak and the logistics of delivery from seed stock to farm are of utmost importance in the ability of the U.S. livestock industries to regain control of export markets. This project will develop and deliver a facilitated tabletop exercise to provide stakeholders the opportunity to openly share and discuss vaccine needs, policies, and plans for activating the National Veterinary Stockpile. This exercise will allow the largest food animal (livestock) producing states to collaborate on determining vaccine use strategies. Vaccines benefit the national herd and therefore, require both an effective strategy and efficient coordination between states and industry groups for proper implementation, especially given that vaccine is currently a limited resource for practically all FADs. Participating states will be asked to consider and share how their individual vaccine strategies benefit both their local production centers as well as the national herd. In preparation for the exercise, the team will work with all participants (e.g., animal agriculture, regulatory, biopharmaceutical) to gather information that can be used to aid in forming vaccine strategies. During the 4-day (now virtual) exercise, stakeholder groups will share plans and participate in guided discussions to identify gaps and recommendations for effective vaccine use decision-making and implementation logistics during a high-consequence animal disease outbreak. An after-action report of the exercise outcomes will be delivered to USDA to help shape future policy and implementation guidance.

Project Duration: April 2020 – August 2021

IIAD Project Team: Jimmy Tickel, Sarah Manning

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact: TBD

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