Branding Guide

This page serves as an official branding guide for the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD) principal investigators and other approved users. Only the approved logo and IIAD colors are to be used on printed materials funded by the Institute.

Using Our Name

Use “the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases” as the first reference in all written communications. Use “IIAD” as secondary use; “the Institute” is also acceptable in additional references.

• “IIAD” pronunciation: “eye-ad”
• Our partners and collaborators are encouraged to use and pronounce our name as mentioned above.


When using the IIAD logo please follow the below guidelines:

  • Do not alter, recreate, or add onto the logos.
  • Do not change the fonts, separate, or delete the elements of the logos.
  • Do not distort, stretch, or condense the logo’s appearance and/or proportions.
  • Properly adjust the size by holding down the Shift key as you drag a corner of the logo image.
  • When using the logo in your layout, give it a quarter-­‐inch of space on all sides.
  • Do not allow other items, pictures, or text to intrude into any the logo space.
  • Logos must not be smaller than .5 inches.
  • If space is restricted, use the IIAD stacked logo.

File Downloads:

Color Scheme

  • IIAD Blue:
    • CMYK (print): Cyan 87%, Magenta 67%, Yellow 25%, Black 19%
    • RGB (web): Red 48, Green 80, Blue 122
    • HEX #: 30507A
  • IIAD Gray:
    CMYK (print): Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0%, Black 10%
    RGB (web): Red 230, Green 231, Blue 232
    HEX #: E6E7E8
  • True White (accent):
    • CMYK (print): Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0%, Black 0%
    • RGB (web): Red 255, Green 255, Blue 255
    • HEX #: FFFFFF


IIAD adheres to the AP Stylebook for all public communications following the below rules in all materials:

  • The use of Dr.
    • In the first reference, spell out name with degree abbreviation (Tammy R. Beckham, DVM, Ph.D.) and use Dr. in the following references (Dr. Smith).
    • Please do not use periods in MS. Ph.D. is always at the end of a degree list.
  • When listing names that will have an abbreviation in the text, first write the name and then follow with the abbreviation in parenthesis. If you will not use the name again in the text, an abbreviation is not needed.
    • Ex: The Institute of Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD) has many staff who are members of the United States Animal Health Association.


Questions? Please contact Sarah Manning at or 979-458-6068