Branding Guide

This page serves as an official branding guide for the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD) principal investigators and other approved users. Only the approved logo and IIAD colors are to be used on printed materials funded by the Institute.

Using our name

In text or in web copy, use the full Institute name on the first reference—that is, the first time you mention it: Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases. The second time you mention it, use one of the two the approved short forms: IIAD or the Institute.

Logo (primary, secondary and stack options)

The logos listed below are the only authorized versions of the IIAD logo. Use these logos exactly as illustrated. Do not alter it or recreate them. Do not change the fonts or separate or delete the elements of the logos. Do not add anything to the logos. The logos are a representation of the brand; we need to protect it and use it consistently. If you have a special request, contact IIAD communications specialist, Lesa Muehlstein at

Each logo below is available in full color, black and white, and reverse white and black. To download, click on the images below, right click on your mouse and use the “save as” feature to save the file to your computer.

When using the logo in your layout, give it a quarter-inch of space on all sides. Do not allow anything to intrude into any space within the logo. This ensures that our brand is highly visible to the audience.

Never distort the proportions of the logo. When it must be resized, be careful to make sure that the proportions are maintained (this can often be accomplished by holding down the Shift key as you drag a corner of the image box).

Primary Logo

  • For use as first reference logo in presentations (electronic and print), printed material, and branded promotional items. When space allows, use secondary logo with tag line/energy line. May not be shrunk smaller than .5 inches tall. Users should take special note to ensure the proportions of the logo do not change. If space restricted, use the stacked logo below. DO NOT TAKE THE LOGO APART TO FIT.




Stacked Logo

  • For use when space is restricted; the primary and secondary logos may not be smaller than .5 inches tall, and in their place users should include the stacked logo.

Stacked_Color_ IIAD_logo



Colors (other than plain white)

IIAD navy blue

  • CMYK (print): Cyan 87%, Magenta 67%, Yellow 25%, Black 19%
  • RGB (web): Red 48, Green 80, Blue 122

IIAD gray

  • CMYK (print): Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0%, Black 10%
  • RGB (web): Red 230, Green 231, Blue 232