Caribbean Lab Diagnostics

Portfolio: Risk Response

Project Title: Caribbean Laboratory Diagnostics Training Program

Status: In Progress

Overview: A custom laboratory training program will be implemented for four fellows from Dominica, St. Lucia, St., and Vincent and the Grenadines. The two-week program will expose the Fellows to laboratory diagnostic training for animal health and food safety officials with an emphasis on skills and abilities to support laboratory network strengthening in their own countries and better comply with World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) guidelines for diagnostics and reporting of notifiable diseases. The goal of our program is to increase the Fellows’ capacity for agricultural research, extension, and participation in international trade as it pertains to diagnostic methods.

Our focused appointments and site visits will emphasize laboratory diagnostic protocols and procedures that comply with WOAH guidelines. The laboratory training program will incorporate three specific groups to discuss laboratory issues. Our proposed program will include important appointments and site visits with the World Association for Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases, and WOAH Collaborating Centre in Biological Threat Reduction, Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, discussions with WOAH Laboratory Sustainability Initiatives Group, and discussions with the Food and Agriculture Organization Laboratory Group.

At the completion of the program, Fellows will have enhanced knowledge to understand the importance of fulfilling international standards to expand their market and a way to generate greater income. Likewise, the Fellows will have enhanced perspectives, skills, and capacity to support their activities in agricultural research, extension, and participation in international trade.

Project Duration:

IIAD Project Team: Heather Simmons, Tifany Aquino

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Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact: TBD