DHS National Infrastructure Protection Plan Security & Resilience Challenge

Focus Area: Risk Prevention & Risk Response

Project Title: Ensuring Food Security Through Enhanced Data Availability and Decision Support

Status: Complete (2019)

Overview: The goal of this effort, funded by the National Institute for Hometown Security, was to deliver field-researched architecture and design documents for a web-accessible data management system that could dramatically improve access to and timeliness of animal production information to animal health officials in the event of a foreign or emerging animal disease. Implementation of the architecture and design documents for the proposed system can reduce vulnerability of the US food system to shocks that may radiate from disease-affected animal agriculture production systems.

Project Duration: 7/3/2018 – 3/30/2019

IIAD Project Team: Sarah Caffey, Matt Cochran

Outcomes, Solution, & Impact:

  • Outlined a method of centralizing the current health, premises, and movement information from US production agriculture for animal health officials and producers
  • Delivered architecture, solution design, infrastructure, UI/UX, and use case reports that could be used to help engineer a system that would allow producers to rapidly, efficiently, and securely share real-time industry data in a trusted environment with animal health officials during a foreign animal disease or emerging infectious disease event
  • Provided a roadmap for the development of a data-driven system from which better informed decisions regarding agriculture and food systems could be made, mitigating negative impacts resulting from emergencies and speeding up a return to daily commerce