Animal Health Formula Funds

Portfolio: Risk Prevention

Project Title: A Comparative Assessment of the Insitutionalization of Enhanced Biosecurity Plans: Implications for the Secure Food Supply Plans

Status: In progress

Overview: Secure Food Supply Plans promote continuity of business during a high-consequence transboundary animal disease (TAD) outbreak to facilitate movement of uninfected animals and animal products through marketing supply chains.  The project will collect input from State Animal Health Officials (SAHO) regarding their understanding, intended utilization, oversight, and implementation of Secure Food Supply biosecurity plans for U.S. food animal industries

Simultaneously, the team will examine biosecurity plans currently implemented by international commercial animal production systems. Up to 10 biosecurity plans from international commercial producers will be requested and reviewed by investigators to identify the key components of each plan. These components will be cross-walked against components of the enhanced biosecurity plans (e.g., Site Entry, Line of Separation, Cleaning and Disinfecting Station, Entry/Exit Procedures) using a matrixed approach which includes U.S. model components and the comparison plan components.

Project Duration: 5 years with each year focusing on a single commodity group’s plan:

IIAD Project Team: Dr. Heather Simmons, Jessica Cargill, Jimmy Tickel, Sarah Manning

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact: TBD