Pilot Phase I

Purpose _DSC1755

AgConnect® HealthNet utilized web-based or iPad applications to record location and occurrence of syndromic animal health data in near real-time and compiles it into a dashboard to monitor syndromic prevalence and establish baselines/triggers in the event of an animal disease outbreak. AgConnect® HealthNet establishes a “sensor network” at diverse locations involved in the animal production process, and it is expected that sufficient AgConnect® HealthNet data will be collected to determine baseline levels of syndromes in the various streams, allow for analysis, and contribute the comprehensive livestock disease surveillance program. The overarching goal is to detect and respond to a potential animal disease outbreak faster than the previous disease-specific diagnostic models

Outcomes and impacts

The AgConnect® HealthNet system will improve the timeliness of animal health data collection, facilitate data sharing and communication with stakeholders, aid in early detection of and response to disease outbreaks, strengthen partnerships between first responders (veterinary practitioners) and state/federal governments, and enhance situational awareness. It gives visibility to anomalies in the occurrence of syndromes above established baselines in near real-time. The system leverages the power of data aggregation and provides an opportunity to use agent technology to monitor/detect anomalies. During this phase, 44 veterinarians, three livestock markets, and two diagnostic laboratories participating in the program submitted more than 5300 reports to the system. This represented more that 500,000 cattle, deer, swine, equine, goats, and sheep observed in 183 counties across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.