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Simmons to Lead IIAD

Dr. Heather Simmons appointed Director of IIAD effective March 1st, 2021.

Dr. Simmons has been serving as the associate director of IIAD for several years now and was part of IIAD since its inception in 2004. She has been part of forming and charting the course of the institute at every step of the way in its mission to advance capacity development and to deliver translational, research-driven solutions in the ever-changing world of animal health, known and developing zoonotic diseases and transboundary diseases through a One Health approach.

In addition to her work with IIAD, Dr. Simmons has been upholding AgriLife’s dedication to advancing animal health and welfare, both here in Texas and across the country, in her previous role as associate department head and Extension program leader with the AgriLife Extension Veterinary Medicine.

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Heather Simmons to lead Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases


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