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IIAD Conducts PPE Training for Vet Students

On March 23rd, Dr. Christine Budke and Dr. Jimmy Tickel hosted a Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) training for Texas A&M vet students at the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Training instructor, Dr. Jimmy Tickel, an IIAD veterinarian and formally trained Hazmat Technician, teaches future veterinarians the importance and proper use of PPE. “The use of PPE helps those who use it properly to prevent contamination of their clothing and bodies from biologic agents or contaminants thereby preventing the spread of disease. Clients, patients, and industries expect that when a veterinarian shows up to help, they will not contaminate or bring a disease onto their farm.” Jimmy stated. This isn’t the first time Dr. Tickel found himself training PPE. “This was my second year teaching PPE at Texas A&M, I hope to come back for a third. I frequently train students at North Carolina State CVM and sporadically at other vet colleges throughout the U.S.”

Tickel has over 12 years of personal knowledge and training experience with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “I have used PPE at various levels throughout my career; in private practice, in regulatory disease programs and in real-world disease eradication events. I’ve recently worked with Ukraine and Vietnam responders in assessing their African Swine Fever biosecurity and response programs, PPE training and guidance being the key initiatives. The wonderful thing about proper use of PPE is that it entails the same basic approach and application no matter which country you find yourself. I train the same PPE protocols to responders in Vietnam and Ukraine as I do with the students here at Texas A & M.”

It’s crucial for veterinarians to not only protect the health of animals but to also protect themselves and those around them from potential disease threats. “As the sole source provider of animal health, veterinarians need to understand how to protect their patients and themselves while performing their activities. There are many zoonotic diseases that affect both animals and humans, so understanding PPE is a necessary component of Veterinary education.” Tickel stated.

Texas A&M veterinary students proudly hold their “Survivor Certificates” upon completing a PPE enter-and-exit farm simulation (pictured below).

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