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A new look revealed for AgConnect® suite of tools

logosLast month, the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD), a Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Center of Excellence, revealed a new look for the AgConnect® suite of tools during the AgConnect® Emergency Exercise. The suite was rebranded and renamed in order to better reflect the forward-thinking technologies and how they help veterinarians and animal health officials in the field.

Through the suite of digital applications and resources, AgConnect® aggregates and disseminates critical, actionable information to provide real-time situational awareness of animal and public health trends. The suite of tools supports both sector-specific business continuity planning and the entire emergency cycle – from planning and preparedness to mitigation, response and recovery.

“AgConnect® gives producers, veterinarians and state and federal animal health officials a robust, easy-to-use suite of tools that is applicable for use in both day-to-day and emergency situations,” said Gerald Parker, DVM, Ph.D., M.S., IIAD director. “Through giving these tools new names and a new logo, I feel like we have not only created a cohesive look but have also visually demonstrated how each tool works together within the system.”

The suite’s new naming conventions better explain the purpose of each technology and break the suite into two categories – mobile applications and analytical tools.

Mobile Applications:

AgConnect® mHealth – Formerly known as the Biosurveillance Field Entry System or BFES, AgConnect® mHealth is comprised of industry-specific mobile applications that allow entry of animal health and production-level data on healthy and sick animals directly from the field.

AgConnect® mCVI – Released earlier this year, AgConnect® mCVI is an updated version of iCVI and is now available for iOS and Android devices. AgConnect® mCVI allows veterinarians to submit certificates of veterinary inspection to state animal health official offices from their mobile devices.

Analytical Tools:

AgConnect® HealthNet – Formerly known as Enhanced Passive Surveillance or EPS Analyst Workstation, AgConnect® HealthNet provides a comprehensive view of animal health to aid in early detection or disease or monitor changes in animal health status.

AgConnect® LabNet – Formerly known as the Laboratory Capacity Estimation Model or LCEM, AgConnect® LabNet is a web-based tool that allows laboratories and laboratory networks to automatically determine capacity estimates, supply and equipment usage, personnel requirements, associated costs and process limitations to increase the nation’s capability to prepare for and respond to a high-consequence disease event.

AgConnect® ResponseNet – Formerly known as the Emergency Response Support System or ERSS, AgConnect® ResponseNet is a web-based response and business continuity planning suite that supports data integration and visualization for large- and small-scale incident management to facilitate decision-making to take action (e.g., permitting) through official government systems of record.

For more information on the AgConnect® suite of tools and the AgConnect® Emergency Exercise, visit iiad.tamu.edu.

Headquartered in College Station, Texas, IIAD was founded in 2004 as a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Center of Excellence. The Institute focuses on research, education and outreach to prevent, detect, mitigate and recover from transboundary, emerging and/or zoonotic diseases, which may be introduced intentionally or through natural processes. In 2014, IIAD was recognized by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as a Collaborating Centre in the specialty of biological threat reduction. IIAD is the only centre of this kind in OIE’s America’s region and the only OIE Collaborating Centre within the Texas A&M University System. For more information, visit iiad.tamu.edu.

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