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IIAD encourages qualified graduating students and professionals to apply for career positions at IIAD. Current job openings are listed below. To apply, please visit the  The A&M System Employment System. In the keywords menu, search by the Job Requisition Number below or “Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases.”

Current undergraduate students at Texas A&M University can search for “Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases” at to find open student assistant positions.

Current Job Openings

Extension Program Specialist (Job Requisition Number: R-001253) – Provide support for Veterinary Science Certificate Program (VSCP) workshops and contests. Support implementation of the Veterinary Science Certificate Program.
Develop and oversee summer contests. Assist in the updates and revisions of Veterinary Science Certificate Program curriculum and products. Provide support for veterinary science skill-a-thon and career days. Provide development of resources and materials for new curriculum tracks for the Veterinary Science Certificate Program. Support ongoing educational efforts in the veterinary science, laboratory science, and one health science curriculum within the Veterinary Science Certificate Program. Responsible for website maintenance and update of information related to veterinary science. Provide development of educational competency videos (i.e., you tube) for inclusion into the Veterinary Science Certificate Program. Oversee the continuing education program for the Veterinary Science Certificate Program. Facilitate enrollment of onboarding and processing of new Veterinary Science Certificate Program clientele. Disseminate information regarding the Veterinary Science Certificate Program to potential and existing partners through community presence, community and regional events, strategic communication efforts, conferences/events, AgriLife Extension programs etc.  Learn more.