Biosecurity Plan Evaluation & Strengthening for Texas Poultry Farmers

Portfolio: Risk Management

Project Title: Evaluation and Identification of Psycho-Socio-Demographic Factors Impacting the Implementation of and Compliance to Biosecurity Plans for Relevant Infectious Diseases in Poultry Farmers in Texas

Status: In Progress

Overview: The purpose of this cooperative agreement is to investigate the social, behavioral, and demographic factors that affect the adherence to biosecurity plans among poultry farmers in the state of Texas. A deeper understanding of the internal motivations, attitudes, and knowledge about biosecurity among this population will enable the development and improvement of outreach and communication efforts to bolster biosecurity behaviors, with the ultimate outcome of decreasing infectious disease outbreaks in poultry.

Project Duration: 2 years

IIAD Project Team: Heather Simmons, Julie Stowell-Moss

External Partners:

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact: TBD