Producer FAD Prevention & Response Certificate Training Program

Portfolio: Risk Management

Project Title: Producer FAD Prevention and Response Certificate Training Program

Status: In Progress

Overview: With a focus on small-scale U.S. livestock producers within the beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and small ruminant industry, this project aims to educate and provide resources to producers directly impacted by foreign animal disease (FAD) events. Other professionals involved in U.S.-based producer education to benefit from this program include (but are not limited to); cooperative extension educators, FFA, industry associations, livestock quality assurance personnel, veterinarians, and state animal health officials.

These stakeholders will be invited to aid with program delivery, ensuring FAD response efforts are collaborative and streamlined. Public health and agriculture emergency management officials at the county and federal level such as USDA and DHS will greatly benefit from increased FAD response efficiency and strengthened producer relationships with the overarching goal to strengthen the nation’s FAD response.

Project Duration: 2 years

IIAD Project Team: Jimmy Tickel, Sarah Manning, Cole Hartis, Kaitlin Thompson

External Partners: Monty Dozier, Carla Huston, Melissa Sheth

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact: TBD