AATF International Animal Health Training

Portfolio: Risk Management

Project Title: Courses in Surveillance, Rapid Risk Assessment, and Diagnostic Epidemiology for Africa

Status: In Progress

Overview: The project’s overall goal is to develop and provide 6 virtual trainings with AATF, AU-IBAR, and USDA in the focus topic areas of surveillance, risk analysis, and epidemiology to educate epidemiologists, veterinarians, and other animal health specialists located in African regions on SMP-AH principles and practices.

Project Duration: 2 years

IIAD Project Team: Christine Budke, Heather Simmons, Sarah Manning

External Partners: AATF, AU-IBAR, USDA-FAS,

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact:

  1. Conduct (2) “Introduction to Surveillance / Syndromic Surveillance” trainings.
  2. Conduct (2) “Animal Health Surveillance Plan Development or Diagnostic Epidemiology” trainings.
  3. Conduct (2) “Risk Assessment” trainings.