Penside Detection of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDv) by Portable Microfluids PCR System

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The objective of this study is to perform a comprehensive feasibility study of a novel penside PCR system (PanNAT) for sensitive detection of FMDv in the field from oral swabs of infected cattle. The Pan NAT microfluids system provides a fully integrated sample-to-result platform in less than 30 minutes that can be run in the field and has the potential to be expanded to a multiplex format. The high analytical sensitivity of PCR has made it attractive as a reliable alternative for penside tests. The PanNAT system has been designed to meet FDA 510(k) class II device requirements.

Outcomes and Impacts

The successful execution of this project will enable the development of a rapid, sensitive, and reliable FMDV detection platform that could be deployed in situ.  Pending validation, accredited veterinarians or Foreign Animal Disease Diagnosticians (FADDs) could use this assay to “rule-in” on the farm (i.e. penside assay). Samples requiring further testing would be sent to the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) at Plum Island or Ames, Iowa. This capability will enhance early detection of FMDv, which has the greatest impact of mitigating the effects of an outbreak.