Development of a Fluorescent Microsphere Immunoassay Platform for Diagnosis and Surveillance of Rift Valley Fever


JWL_4505The primary objective of this project is to develop a multiplex fluorescent microsphere immune assay for the detection of antibodies to RVFv in bovine and ovine serum samples. This project will utilize Bio-Plex and the magnetic bead-based MAGPIX system for rapid diagnostics and biosurveillance.

Outcomes and impacts

Fluorescent microsphere immunoassay technology provides a single platform that can rapidly detect antibodies to multiple antigen targets in a single, small volume sample and at a reasonable cost. Sensitivity is further increased by the early detection of IgM, which appears within a few days of RVFv infection.  This technology is inherently flexible, with the potential to overlay additional pathogen detection tests without increasing sample volume or affecting overall sensitivity.  Multiplexing provides a cost-effective means to embed into routine testing the diagnosis and surveillance of emerging, re-emerging and foreign animal diseases, and development and validation this platform for RVFv is an important first step in the development of a multiplex rule-out panel for lookalike endemic and foreign animal diseases.