Executive Laboratory Management Training

Focus Area: Risk Prevention

Project Title: Executive Laboratory Management Training – Republic of Afghanistan Central Veterinary Diagnostic and Research Laboratory

Status: Complete (2016)

Overview: IIAD, in partnership with BM Martin Laboratory Consultants and CRDF Global conducted a training program with 3 senior executive-level veterinary diagnostics laboratory managers from the CVDRL during May through August of 2016. The customized workshop was a blended format, consisting of online modules and face to face workshops. Training program objectives included (1) to identify and train participants in laboratory management, leadership skills, and quality management systems. (2) to demonstrate state-of-the-art laboratory information management systems. (3) to build capacity for trainees to disseminate the training program to future cohorts.

Project Duration: n/a

IIAD Project Team: n/a

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact:

  • The workshop increased participant knowledge of laboratory management. Trainees demonstrated a 16.7% increase in knowledge of key laboratory management topics at 6-month follow-up versus the course pre-test.
  • Participants are implementing their knowledge and skills. 67% of participants indicated that they use information from the workshop frequently, while 33.3% indicated that they use information from the workshop every day.
  • The training has improved workplace operations. 100% of the trainees indicated that their participation in the workshop led to improvements in workplace operations, specifically in areas of quality management, inventory, budgeting, and management tasks.
  • Participants are training others in laboratory management. One trainee has disseminated the training to 7 additional individuals over the course of 2 training events, thus increasing the reach of the program and contributing to a more competent laboratory workforce.