Bioinformatics Training

Focus Area: Risk Prevention

Project Title: Bioinformatics Training – Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute

Status: Complete (2016)

Overview: The Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases conducted a train-the-trainer program with 4 senior executive-level veterinary diagnostic laboratory managers from Bangladesh in May of 2016. These personnel then trained 7 additional laboratory personnel upon their return to the Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute. The customized training program was delivered in a blended format, consisting of 5 online modules and face to face workshops. Training program objectives were: (1) to develop competencies for DNA sample preparation, interpretation of sequence information obtained from avian influenza using practical applications (2) to develop competencies for use of sequencing results in molecular epidemiology, vaccine matching, risk assessment, and risk modeling.

Project Duration: n/a

Outcomes, Solutions, & Impact:

  • The workshop increased participant knowledge of laboratory management. Trainees demonstrated a 29.9% increase in knowledge of key laboratory management topics at 12-month follow-up versus the course pre-test.
  • The train the trainer model was successful. There was no statistically significant difference between scores of the trainer group (89%) vs. the trainee group (79%) on the knowledge assessments.
  • Participants report high self-efficacy for skills in bioinformatics. Participants were asked to rate their confidence in performing 28 different bioinformatics skills, with an average score of 4.04 out of 5.
  • Participants are implementing their knowledge and skills. 85% of participants indicated that they use information from the workshop frequently or every day.