Education and Outreach Projects

ProjectSponsorInstitutionLead Investigators
From the Bench to the Shop: Creation and Implementation of a Scientific Business Development and Management Program to Transition High Consequence Livestock Disease Research and Development Technologies for CommercializationDHS – S&TTexas A&M University (TAMU), IIADAngela Arenas, DVM, Ph.D., DACVP, Rosina C. (Tammi) Krecek, Ph.D., MBA, MS, Heather Simmons, DVM, MSVPH
Veterinary Student InternshipsBoehringer Ingelheim - Veterinary Public HealthIIAD, BIM. Gonzalez
Veterinary Para-professional Certification StandardsDefense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)IIADT. Ishibashi, Ph.D.; D. Sherman; J. Lansley; H. Simmons, DVM, MSVPH; M. Berquist; B. Martin; T. McElwain
Less Risk, More Value: Enhancing Biosecurity Best Practices of Livestock
Diseases in South Africa (EBSA)
USDA FASIIADA. Arenas, Ph.D., DVM; T. Krecek, FRSSAf, BS, MS, PhD, MAP, MBA; L. Logan, DVM, Ph.D.; D. Ellis, DVM, MPA; H. Simmons, DVM, MSVPH