Analytical Tools

AgConnect® HealthNet

The AgConnect® HealthNet system supports day-to-day health management activities while also strengthening  biosurveillance in the AgConnect® suite of tools. This system has been developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), as well as industry representatives and state animal health officials (SAHOs) to capture field information about livestock, poultry and wildlife health status though a mobile tablet or smartphone interface. Information is aggregated with data from numerous sources including: veterinary diagnostic labs, livestock markets, slaughterhouses and environmental sources into an easy-to-use mobile summary display for monitoring and analysis. By improving data collection capabilities and integrating information from multiple disparate sources, AgConnect® HealthNet provides a more comprehensive view of animal health over space and time to aid in early disease detection or monitor changes in animal health status. Learn more.

AgConnect® LabNet

AgConnect® LabNet was developed to support the USDA National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) as a web-based tool to help increase the nation’s capability to prepare for, and respond to, a high-consequence emerging and/or zoonotic disease. This software system allows for the automated determination of diagnostic testing capacity estimates, supply and equipment usage, personnel requirements, associated costs, and any process limitations for individual and overall NAHLN laboratories and facilitates communication between laboratories and the NAHLN coordinator. All NAHLN laboratories currently have access to the system, and over 200 users at 67 facilities have entered data since June 2012. AgConnect® LabNet has been linked to the NAHLN Portal for easier data definition. Learn more.

AgConnect® ResponseNet

AgConnect® ResponseNet has been developed in collaboration with USDA’s APHIS and SAHOs as a web-based tool for supporting large- and small-scale incident management. AgConnect® ResponseNet provides enhanced response capabilities by organizing relevant data from authoritative sources to facilitate rapid information sharing between industry and government during an animal disease event. AgConnect® ResponseNet has been included as part of the USDA APHIS Information Management Roadmap, making it a pivotal tool for the day-to-day operations and incident response performed by APHIS. The technology is also being piloted by multiple SAHOs and swine production systems to gain feedback on day-to-day and/or emergency use. Features to support business continuity have been developed to allow sensitive data to be distributed in a controlled manner during an emergency, and then integrated to support risk assessment, mitigation, and management. Through this approach, participating producers can establish freedom from disease and resume business operations more quickly by establishing advance linkages to key data. Learn more.