Empowering better animal health decisions with technology.

AgConnect® is a suite of customizable data integration and analysis products designed to enhance situational awareness.

The Suite:

  • Integrates data from authoritative data sources into a single, easy-to-use, real-time common operating picture.
  • Supports the entire emergency cycle: planning, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.
  • Supports sector-specific business continuity planning.
  • Empowers near real-time collection, aggregation and analysis of data.

Mobile Tools:

  • AgConnect® mHealth mobile applications allow for the collection of animal health and production-level data on healthy and sick animals directly from the field with customized applications for different end users, including veterinary practitioners, producers, diagnostic laboratories, wildlife biologists and other data providers.  Mobile applications have been developed for Swine, Mixed Animal (cattle, goats, sheep, horses) and Wildlife and are being developed for Feedlot (beef cattle), Dairy and Poultry industries.  These applications allow users to record clinical and syndromic data while on-site at farms, ranches, feedlots and livestock markets and request and receive laboratory test results. These apps also provide valuable information to practitioners concerning healthy herd management and syndromic reports in their region. Users can access, manage, and query reports and access analytical tools directly on their devices. Data from AgConnect® mHealth are brought into the AgConnect® HealthNet Analyst Workstation, where information is aggregated and integrated into an interactive, easy-to use display.  Once anonymized, data may be shared according to established data sharing protocols, ultimately allowing epidemiologists at other locations to compile and analyze data in real time.  Routine updates on disease trends in the users’ area can help manage diseases more effectively.
  • AgConnect® mCVI mobile application that allows for electronic submission of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) by animal health officials and veterinarians. These certificates are needed in order to validate good animal health status prior to livestock movement across state lines. The mCVI app enhances a veterinarian’s toolbox of capabilities by allowing them to easily submit CVIs from a mobile device or store that information within the app for forwarding when data connectivity is available. The app greatly enhances the timeliness of communication about animal health movements and enhances animal disease traceability, ultimately safeguarding animal and human health. Submitted CVIs can also be made available in the AgConnect® suite to allow for greater situational awareness during a disease event.

Analytical Tools:

  • AgConnect® mHealth provides a comprehensive view of animal health to aid in early disease detection or monitor changes in animal health status. Through a tablet, smartphone, or web-based interface, AgConnect® mHealth captures production and clinical information in a field-based setting for integration with other data (e.g., veterinary diagnostic lab orders and results, movement data, livestock markets, slaughterhouses, and environmental sources).
  • AgConnect® LabNet is a web-based tool that allows laboratories and laboratory networks to automatically determine diagnostic capacity estimates, supply and equipment usage, personnel requirements, associated costs and process limitations. AgConnect® LabNet increases the nation’s capability to prepare for, and respond to, a high-consequence emerging and/or zoonotic disease by identifying where bottlenecks might occur and monitoring consumable supplies. AgConnect® LabNet currently has more than 60 participating labs with 300 users.
  • AgConnect® ResponseNet is a web-based response and business continuity planning suite that supports large- and small-scale incident management. It organizes data from multiple sources and allows for rapid information sharing between industry and government during an animal disease event.