Andrew Stokes

Andrew Stokes serves as a program manager for the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD), a Department of Homeland andrew-stokes2Security Science and Technology Center of Excellence.

Stokes works with the AgConnect® team to manage project activities and to provide support for system users and expertise on architecture and implementation. He also systemizes AgConnect® delivery and support in accordance with enterprise IT practices and assists in business process analysis with AgConnect® system users to offer meaningful system deliverables and streamlined data management.

In addition, Stokes provides guidance, direction and support to application developers and technical designers and analyzes change requirements and IT opportunities in enterprise business. He works with other enterprise architecture staff, experts and decision makers to accurately define client requirements.

Stokes is an experienced professional technologist and leader. He served as an Infantry Squad Leader during his four years in the Marine Corps and, in 2006, began his career as an IT support manager and junior database administrator with FamilyLife in Little Rock, Arkansas. Stokes also served as a database administrator and IT manager at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and then security operations analyst at the Texas A&M Health Science Center prior to joining the IIAD team.