Workforce development

Educating the next generation of scientists and training the current generation of responders to help combat outbreaks of animal disease.


At its core, IIAD has a mandate to provide education at all levels to combat many of today’s complex challenges, including the protection of two of our nation’s national

infrastructures – agriculture and public health. Since 2004, the Institute has supported 295 undergraduate, graduate, professional or post-doctoral students, with 231 students in graduate-level programs.

The Institute’s graduate degree workforce development programs for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have resulted in the sponsorship of 27 students since the pilot program began in 2004. Each of these individuals has been or is incorporated into a research, management and leadership program that is mission critical to IIAD and the center’s stakeholders.

In 2004, IIAD’s Homeland Security-related Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Career Development Program was initiated as a pilot program for master’s level students at Texas A&M University and the University of California, Davis colleges of veterinary medicine. This effort was funded through initial core funds of the IIAD during the first three years. The center has been awarded approximately $2.5 million in funding since 2004 for career development program activities.

The program has provided funding to 11 universities in eight states leading to 16 degrees: 10 doctoral and six master’s degrees. Sixteen students have gone onto employment within government, academia or international service.